The Infernal Golem Shakes Titan Forge’s Kickstarter

January 13, 2014 by dracs

Something truly massive has appeared on Titan Forge's Kickstarter, something so large that it makes me wonder if the Metal Beard dwarfs are overcompensating. The Infernal Golem of Kashan Vra.

Infernal Golem

A massive, steam powered, quadruple axe wielding behemoth of destruction. I want one!

According to Titan Forge, the model itself will be so large that the man pictured in the concept sketch is practically to scale. So I am chomping at the bit to see this thing built up and painted. It's a truly daemonic looking machine that will dominate any table it's put upon.

There are only five days left for the Kickstarter. Better hurry if you want to see this thing yourself.

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