Kickstarter Brings The World Of Dying Star To The Table Top

June 20, 2013 by dracs

Dying Star, the fantasy trilogy by author Samsun Lobe, tells of a fantasy world circling a slowly dying star treated as a god. Perfect set up for a fantasy game, don't you agree?

Dying Star Oblivion is a new skirmish wargame which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter in order to bring recreate world of Dying Star in miniature form.

Dying Star Oblivion

Now I haven't read these books, but I am pretty excited about this game. Why? Because some of the sculpts and renders which have appeared on Kickstarter look awesome.

Kekken Handler

Shektar Rider


The Dominator (final image) is a particularly nice sculpt, although I do wish it didn't suffer from the problem of absurd shoulder pads which afflicts so much of the wargaming world. He could put someone's eye out with those things. But as I have said before, massive shoulder pads are more a pet peeve of my own than a real issue and the dramatic nature of this design is really cool.

All of these sculpts show off a cool style and aesthetic which should help to make the game stand out.

If you want to help see the world of Dying Star come top your tabletop head to the Kickstarter today!

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