Kingdom Death we’d like to Ass you some Questions!

February 23, 2011 by dracs

When I came into the office today, Warren showed me the new sculpt by Adam Poots at Kingdom Death and I just felt I had to share it with you... that way I won't be the only one with mental scarring. Behold the Grand Mother!

Grand Mother Sculpt

To dispel any last illusions you might be holding, no that ain't a tail.

As a sculpt, I have to say the figure itself is actually pretty good and the wings look awesome, as does the amount of detail on the... er... trouser snake.

Having said that, I think we may need to get Adam around the Beasts of War table sometime and help him to talk out his issues. Especially when you see some of his other, rather disturbing sculpts. Just take a look at cute little Gorm here.


I ain't even gunna put up a pic of the Wet Nurse. Go on, click the link, I dare you.

So what do you think of these twisted little marvels? Can you think of anything you could use them as? Or would you just get them for the painting challenge. Or maybe you have your own diabolical reasons. Drop us a comment below.

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