Kingdom Death Hold Back Plastic Release Till 2014

September 11, 2013 by brennon

Kingdom Death have recently posted an update on their Kickstarter page saying that they are holding back the release of the plastic kits until the beginning of 2014 to improve on the quality and sure backers get the best.

Plastic Sprues

Above you can see one of the sprues, not a finalised piece of course, but something to show off what you could be getting towards the release. It all looks nicely detailed and I like that it allows you to put these together with minimal fuss, I do like pegs!

Plastic to Resin Comparison

Holiday White Speaker Nico

Pinup Silk Assassin

Pinup Twilight Witch

As well as the sprues they have also put together a selection of the plastic kits to show you how they will look compared to the resin we've seen before. These guys have been pushing quality to the edge with these pieces and it's amazing what you can do with plastic nowadays.

I would imagine that while people are upset about the delay the improvement in quality across the board has got to be a good thing.

Did you plump for some Monster plastics?

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