Kingdom Death Unveil Their Awesome August Releases!

August 21, 2013 by dracs

Those masters of the monstrous and rulers of resin, Kingdom Death, have a new bunch of sculpts coming out this August for us all to fight over. Without further ado let's see what they have in store.

First up we have the Deserter.


Personally I think this guy is sensible, have you seen some of the monsters they have to face?

Deserters were once knights of the Twilight Order who have experienced such horrors that the orders mind locks on them have shattered, restoring their humanity and leaving them facing those said horrors without protection.

But it's not just the Deserters who have appeared as Kingdom Death are also releasing three of the knights who still serve the Twilight Order.

Twilight Knight

Order Knight

Relic Knight

Each of these knights vary greatly in general style, but they all share one thing in common. Their sculpts look amazing! Any of these could quickly become the pride of any collection.

Finally we come a rather different knight. The Dung Beetle Knight. Hold on I can't have read that right...

Dung Beetle Knight

O...K a Dung Beetle Knight. Well, whatever you're after I suppose.

Many of these sculpts could make excellent display pieces, as well as serving as adventurer and character models in your fantasy games. Just be sure to pick them up quickly as Kingdom Death's releases do tend to sell out fast.

Which of these do you particularly like?

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