What do you think of the latest from Scibor?

June 20, 2011 by dracs

Now anyone who read my article on Scibor's last releases may now that I had a distinctly low opinion of the Celtic Sci-Fi Veterans. However, I believe this latest string of releases has thoroughly redeemed them.

Lets start with the sci-fi release, the Templar Knight.

Once again we have a totally original concept from Scibor and I have to say that I think it looks quite good. The level of detail is fantastic and though I still don't like the massive shoulder pads it would certainly be an imposing presence in any science fiction wargame you might be playing.

Now we move into the fantasy releases with the Rotten Lord on Mutant Snail.

I think this is a great work and would make a fantastic central piece for any Nurgle army.

Hot on this boy's sludge trail are the War Bear Warriors.

I don't think anyone can deny that these guys look fantastic, especially with this paint job.The detail on the armour and hair is first rate, though I have to say the bears look more cuddly than fierce.

Want something smaller? Well check out these new Goblin Warriors.

I must say I rather like Scibor's take on Goblins. Sure they look rather comical but its an original move to take with Goblins and I like their contrast with the Goblin miniatures provided by everyone else.

Last, but by no means least, we have the Elf Hunter.

All in all I think these models look great and more than make up for the Celtic Veterans which were just so bland by comparison.

What do you guys think of these? Any of tempted by any of them? Let us know your thoughts below.

BoW Sam

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