Maelstrom Games Reveal the June BaneLords

May 8, 2012 by brennon

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The final set of miniatures for the world of BaneLegion have been announced and here are the four BaneLords capping off the June releases...


Blunt-Claw seems to have channelled the spirit of the Skaven with a rather pallid and fleshy visage. A nice stance to him and plenty of weapons means he could be a rather nice addition to the Undercities finest.

Aanchuth The Cursed

Aanchuth the Cursed is another bestial opponent. I like the different sword design and the carved tattoo across his chest. A great Bray-Shaman model or role-play figure for the world of Warhammer.

Svrill Wielder of Khthon

Most of you will have seen the serpentine Svrill. The overwhelming consensus was that while it was a good model the way he is reading the scroll was a little odd in its positioning.

Ygerna Sword-Melusine

And finally another 'Boobs and Broadswords' miniature from BaneLegion in the form of Ygerna. A blind warrior woman who will be distracting her enemies with her body before cutting their heads off.

Do any of these June releases spark your shiny syndrome?

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