Maelstrom’s Mutated Mass of Muscle

March 8, 2012 by dracs

When the average muscle bound barbarian is just not enough to get the job done Maelstrom have the answer. Give him scales?

Oh, and a big sword.

BaneLords - Uggurd Falx-Brute

Uggurd here is a flesh-forged amalgamation of man and lizard, his scaled hide allowing him to take a lot of punishment while his huge size allows him to deal it out.

BaneLords - Uggurd Art

This guy could be a great addition to a Warriors of Chaos army. Maybe count him as a giant or an ogre, or just make up your own rules for a warrior given the fickle blessings of the gods.

Uggurd is the latest addition to the BaneLords range and is now available to pre-order from the Maelstrom store.

What ideas can you come up with for this monster of a man?

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