March Into the Basicks Bone Yard

March 13, 2013 by dracs

Well we have always said you can't go wrong by adding skulls to absolutely everything and Basicks seem to have taken this to heart with their Boneyard bases.

Boneyard Bases 20mm

Boneyard Bases 25mm

Boneyard Bases 40mm

Boneyard Bases 50mm

Personally, I have never been all that fond of bases like these. In my opinion they are too cluttered, rather over the top and can be a little difficult to base your mini on.

Having said that, these bases are fairly well sculpted, with each different bone clearly depicted, and they might be good to mount undead heroes or Chaos warriors on. Nothing says Khorne is my home boy more than standing atop a pile of skulls.

What is your opinion of Basick's boneyard?

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