MaxMini’s Drake Cloaks are the Height of Heroic Fashion

July 6, 2012 by dracs

Want to show off the fact that you bested a mighty dragon, but find it too cumbersome to lug the head around everywhere? Well MaxMini have you covered with their new Drake Cloaks.

MaxMini - Drake Cloak

These rather nice looking scaly cloaks will not only provide your adventurer with the protection of the scaly hide of a dragon, but will also tell the world that here is one fighter they don't want to mess with. Would you mess with a dragon slayer?

MaxMini have also put up a preview of something a little more high tech on their Facebook.

MaxMini - Missile Launcher WIP

This is the WIP for the upcoming Thunderstorm Turret, the perfect way to deliver some withering fire on the forces of your enemies.

Will anyone be sporting a Drake Cloak this summer? What are your thoughts on this turret?

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