Mierce Miniatures Tease New Sculpts & December Release!

December 4, 2013 by brennon

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Mierce Miniatures have been showing off some more previews of what's to come off the back of their Darklands Kickstarter and giving you a mass of December releases too. First up we have the deadly Belech!

Belech - Scion of Baalor #1

Belech - Scion of Baalor #2

Belech - Scion of Baalor #3

Now he is once again a rather big and brutal looking creature that seems as if he has dragged himself up from the deep. He has a bit of a 'lobster' nature about him that they have also pointed out on the Kickstarter update above!



Kjartan of Jylland

Available very soon they also have a mass of models but I have picked out some of my favourites, Beornred, Penda, and Kjartan. I think it's because they look the most like Vikings and Saxons! It helps that the models themselves are also superb looking and have a very high level of sculpting from what I can see.

I've yet to truly handle these kind of models in the flesh but I can't wait. I'm fairly sure I won't hold the shiny syndrome at bay for long.

Will you be getting some Mierce Miniatures for Christmas?

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