Miniature Building Authority Going To Kickstarter To Build Harbor Town!

September 13, 2018 by stvitusdancern

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Hello fellow Beasts / OTTs it has been awhile since I have written some gaming news and I am glad to be back! I thought it was only fitting to write on an upcoming Kickstarter from Miniature Building Authority. This Kickstarter will focus on bringing Harbor Town to life!

The project will consist of many different buildings that will be just perfect for a whole host of fantasy and historical games. The nice thing with these buildings is that the come to you pre-assembled and painted ready to put down on the table.

Do not let the price shock you it is high quality resin terrain that I just gush over every time I see it at a convention. I will seriously have to take a look at this campaign when it goes live.

What game would you use it in? 

"...perfect for a whole host of fantasy and historical games. "

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