Mirliton’s Menacing Menagerie of Monsters

May 15, 2012 by dracs

Mirliton have released a whole selection of fantasy beasties with which to stock up your dungeons.

Mirliton - Cockatrice

Mirliton - Air Elemental II

Mirliton - Gargoile

Mirliton - Naga

Mirliton - Ruster Beast

Mirliton - Tasmania Devil

Mirliton - Stone Golem

Mirliton - Giant Rats

Mirliton - Urson

From cockatrice to big, anthropomorphic bears, Mirliton are sure to have something to send roaring towards your friends adventurers in the darkest depths of the dungeon.

Surprisingly the sculpt I like the most is the Giant Rats.

Mirliton - Giant Rats

These rats look like the perfect scuttling addition to many games and would make a great part for a diorama.

Do any of these monsters in particular leap out at you? Are you looking for anything in particular lately for your dungeon games?

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