Oathsworn Miniatures Begin A Dwarven Hero Kickstarter!

April 8, 2013 by brennon

This message dropped into my inbox this morning and I couldn't not talk about it. Oathsworn Miniatures have a Kickstarter running right now to fund a selection of Dwarven Heroes for the tabletop through either wargaming or role-playing, it's up to you!

Hargin Final

The first sculpt, Hargin Hammerhand is finished as you can see above, sculpted by the experienced Michael Lovejoy. However there are plenty more to come with five planned if they hit their target and an extra five due through stretch goals.

Oathsworn Dwarf Concept Art

Right now the fact we have that great looking sculpt is enough to make me interested. Seeing the end product rather than just concept art helps any backers feel secure when they put their money down.

Obviously I have a great love of Dwarves and this Kickstarter has hit a chord with me. I'd love to see these guys hit their target!

What do you think?

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