Otherworld Grant Us a Token Look At Their Upcoming Rules

November 5, 2013 by dracs

Otherworld Miniatures are busy working on their new set of gaming rules and have started putting up some of the gaming tokens, along with a quick description of just what they do in the game itself.

The first of these were the Activation Tokens.

Activation Tokens

"At the start of their Action Phase, a player gains a number of Activation tokens equal to half of the total number of models they have in play. Each token can activate a model which gets two actions when activated. The player can use these actions to move, shoot, cast a spell, take a potion etc." - Otherworld

Following these were the Adventure and Fate Tokens.

Adventure and Fate

"Adventure tokens represent items of interest in a dungeon setting – potential treasure or danger. Fate tokens are generated during the initiative phase of the game and allow players to modify a dice roll or gain additional activation's." - Otherworld

These tokens give us a glimpse into the general flavour of the game. I am particularly interested in the Fate mechanic as it should allow for interesting game developments and will ensure that things continue to flow smoothly.

Is this a game you would be interested in hearing more about?

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