Otherworld Roll With the Luck of a Demon

November 7, 2013 by dracs

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When playing games of epic fantasy you need equally epic dice, such as Otherworld Miniatures' new demon dice.

Otherworld Demon Dice

These dice are standard D6, but with the 6th side bearing the iconic image of Otherworld's demonic mascot. They are intended for use in the upcoming Otherworld Skirmish Game and will be available once the rule book has appeared.

Of course, these aren't the only new pieces for the Otherworld game as four more tokens have just been previewed.

Wounded and Stunned

Scared and Weakened

With all these status effects within the game my guess is that the skirmish game might similar in style to such classics as Mordheim.

Tokens and dice aren't all we have to look forward to though as Otherworld Miniatures say that along with the rulebook will coome profile sheets and card decks as well, all of which makes me more intrigued as to the nature of the skirmish game.

Is this a game any of you will be playing?

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