Painted Renders & A Spartan Future For Warheads

January 31, 2013 by brennon

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Warheads: Medieval Tales has previewed a few more interesting tidbits this week, namely for their next issue of Medieval Tales and for a future Spartan project...

Mortimer Painted Render

Sister Gwen Painted Render

These painted renders should show you what the pair are going to look like on the tabletop once they are finished. I think I'm a good guy at heart and would have to side with Sister Gwen over Mortimer! Issue five isn't far away and I imagine a few of you are pretty stoked to see it hit.

Warhead Spartan WIP

In the future Warheads have also got an Ancient History version of their game planned and this is the second of the sculpts we've seen from the line-up. Once again if you have some eagle eyes you'll be able to spot one of them with a sword and another with a spear in the background.

It certainly all looks to be heading in the right direction for Warheads.

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