A New Prince of the Undead Takes Center Stage

April 3, 2013 by dracs

When it comes to raising the undead who better to lord it over the shambling hordes than a maniacal daemon, such as the Undead Prince from Center Stage Miniatures.

Center Stage - Undead Prince Front

Center Stage - Undead Prince Back

This sculpt was made possible thanks to funding on Center Stage's 28mm Demons and Devils kickstarter and will strike an imposing figure on the battlefield.

This is another one of those minis where I don't really know what to think about it. On the one hand it has a great style and level of detail to it. I particularly like the malicious expression sculpted on its animalistic face. But the pose is rather dull and static. If you took those weapons away he would look like he's either posing for a muscle shot or wanting a hug.

What do you guys think of this mini? What might he be used as?

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