Printing In Detail Finish The Summer With A Giveaway & Begin On A Bloodthirsty October

September 21, 2020 by avernos

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Printing In Detail is a great resource for people like myself who haven't ventured into the 3D printing hobby but still want to get their hands on some models that would otherwise be unavailable to them. We've previously featured some of their work on the Weekender and have an upcoming review of some of the quality of their printing service. To round out the end of the summer and the last of the wood elf releases from Forest Dragon's Patreon they have a giveaway for the store but you have to be quick as the winner is being drawn on September 30th. So let's take a look at the last of the releases that complete the Wood Elf army for all you fans of 10mm fantasy.

Forest Dragon //Printing In Detail & Sculpted by Forest Dragon

First off there is the magnificent beast that is the Forest Dragon, and considering the sculptor's name it's unsurprising that it's a beautiful piece of design work, from the veined leaf-like wings to the vines creeping around its body it screams Forest Dragon with every millimetre of the design, we had seen this as a mount option but now you can get it without the pesky knife ear on it's neck. This is not the only big creature to come to the aid of the Sylvan kin a pair of Treemen have been executed in perfect detail to lend their strength to the battle line as you can see here...

and here

Treemen // Printing In Detail & Sculpted by Forest Dragon

Along with the larger creatures, there are a pair of more regular-sized 10mm figures a hero and a final infantry unit. The Hero with bow is nestled onto a tree limb rising from the ground to give him more prominence and at the same time the heroic foot-on-rock becomes more elven. The rangers are a shadowy cloaked bunch ready to wreak havoc on any who despoil their lands.

Elven Rangers // Printing In Detail & Sculpted by Forest Dragon

With the Wood Elf force now completed Forest Dragon is moving onto the Undead, again designed to be perfect for your 10mm fantasy gaming there are already Zombies and a Vampire lord in a bespoke scalloped armour. If you fancy getting spooky in October then these are probably a great place to start.

Vampire Lord & Zombies // Printing In Detail & Sculpted by Forest Dragon

The Wood Elf army has blown me away and the start of the undead looks like it will do exactly the same thing, did you notice the classic HeroQuest looking zombie with the cleaver? Don't forget you have a chance to win some free miniatures if you drop over to their facepage and you'll find the details on how to enter there

Are you interested in trying tiny fantasy on a grand scale?

"The Wood Elf army has blown me away and the start of the undead looks like it will do exactly the same thing"

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