Raging Heroes Prepare To Unleash The Monsters

July 20, 2011 by dracs

Raging Heroes have put up some concept art for two new mystical monsters they'll be working on, one for both the good side and the evil side. See? No one gets left out.

For those who like to play the goody two-shoes races of fantasy wargames the Phoenix will lend its fiery assistance, purging the evil of the world with cleansing flames.

But what is good without evil? What is light without dark? What is Beasts of War without Darrell? With this in mind Raging Heroes will also be working on an Evil Dragon to side with the armies of darkness. It'll take more than a night light to scare off this guy.

So what do guys think of the sketches? Do they look promising? One thing is for certain with the release of Storm of Magic I'm hoping to see a lot more of these monsters on the battle field in the future.

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