Ride to Battle Upon Pewter Ponies?

September 18, 2013 by dracs

You now what the miniature gaming industry needs more of? Cute, cuddly ponies. Luckily Slap Miniatures are here to fill that void using Kickstarter to fund their range of Pewter Ponies.

Pewter Ponies

The bronies are getting everywhere nowadays.

With the help of funding from Kickstarter, Slap Miniatures aim to create a collection of hand-crafted pewter miniatures of what they call "a fantasy race of intellectual equines for you to command in your table-top games."

String of Ponies

In general these ponies look pretty well sculpted for what they are. Their design is pretty obviously taken from the inexplicably popular My Little Pony franchise and though the heads seem to me to be disproportionately small it is a hard call given that they are supposed to look cartoony.

String of Ponies 2


Pony Adventurers

Still if you think your games need a more equestrian element to them than this is the Kickstarter project for you.

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