Rothand Head to IndieGoGo to Create Figures of Fantasy

April 26, 2013 by dracs

Rothand Studio have set up a new IndieGoGo campaign to get the funds for a new range of fantasy miniatures.

Golem Cronus

Now what is it which separates these models from other ranges? Their size. Each of these will be of epic proportions to provide you with some massive monsters to face in your fantasy battles.

Golem Cronus Scale

We have already seen a couple of the sculpts, as well as some cool artwork for some of the other monsters.

Devil Serpent

Primeval Treeman

I think Ben is going to feel rather conflicted about the Mountain Giant.

Mountain Giant WIP

It looks like a dwarf, but it is 14cm tall. I cannot compute this.

So far the miniatures we have seen look very promising. Whether you would use these in games or simply as a painting challenge, they look interesting and could be a real hit with collectors.

If you're looking for a massive monster for your games head to this IndieGoGo today.

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