Scibor Take to Elven Skies with Their Latest Bases

April 21, 2013 by dracs

Scibor have added some new elven style bases to depict the elegance of an age past.

Elven Sky Bases

These bases, called the Elven Sky bases, seem to differ from Scibor's other ruined elf style bases in that the architecture they show looks somewhat more futuristic in comparison. For example, compare them with these Elven Temple bases.

Elven Temple Ruins

Well, whatever sort of miniature you use them for, they do look pretty nice, though the uneven surface might make them somewhat difficult to base miniatures upon. Still they are not the most impractical bases I have seen and should do a good job enhancing your miniatures.

Have you ever used Scibor's bases? What do you think of them as a product?

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