New Sci-Fi and a Big Beastie from Trollforged

May 30, 2011 by beerogre

After the last triumph that was the Undead Skeleton greens. I was eager to see the next offerings from Trollforged Miniatures, only to be somewhat disappointed.

First up is a new range of sci-fi models... these don't look too bad... but the images are a bit blurry and washed out. So it's hard to make out the details.

Then there was this... I read Pit Fiend and immediately thought of the big winged demon from D&D... but when I saw it. There was this, flayed rodent-type thing.

It's not a model for me I'm afraid, but someone will no doubt have a use for it.

I always feel a pang of regret when reporting about Trollforged Miniatures, especially when their release isn't all that hot.

Trollforged have a policy of casting models sculpted by the guys who frequent their forum. This of course has the advantage of getting a good eclectic mix of subjects, but also means that consistent quality can be an issue.

Either way, there are some great models available from Trollforged. So check them out and if you like them, you know how to show your support.

BoW Andy

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