Soda Pop Traverse The Thundervale With New Huntress

November 28, 2013 by brennon

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Soda Pop Miniatures have been previewing some information about the upcoming Forgotten Kings Expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. First up we have this neat looking Thundervale Huntress...

Thundervale Huntress

It looks like things are going to be taking a natural twist and possibly leaving the dungeons with this one. I haven't really been a fan of these kind of chibi miniatures but the prospect of some druidic forces taking over the tabletop is pretty cool.

Super Dungeon Explore

The original Super Dungeon Explore is still a bit of a favourite with gaming groups and they ironed out a lot of the kinks when they went through the changes shortly after launch. I think as a dungeon delver it has a certain appeal and it is very fun looking, but my heart rests with Descent right now. I prefer the dark and gritty look to the chibi/anime one!

Will you be picking up the expansion?

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