Spirits & Mist Dancers For The World Of Freeblades

January 14, 2013 by brennon

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If you liked our look into the world of Freeblades by DGS Games a little while back then you'll be pleased to see these two models from their winter release. The Trilian Mist Dancer and the Spirit Warrior...

Spirit Warrior

Trilian Mist Dancer

The Spirit Warrior will join the forces of the Black Rose Bandits, and the Trilian Mist Dancer fights for the Trilias. Freeblades is a small level skirmish game so these can be added to a force and swapped out at will.

I quite like the Mist Dancer with his daggers and the blindfold pointing him out to (hopefully) be a fantastic knife thrower!

What do you think and have you played this game?

Let me know!

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