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March 27, 2013 by brennon

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Every now and then it's good to see the community as a whole pulling together and with Goblinaid we have a perfect example of just that. Check out the message below...

Goblinaid WIP

"On Wednesday, 20th March Kev 'the Goblinmaster' Adams was brutally assaulted during a burglary at his home in Nottingham. So many people have offered help and support that we set up this page has been set up to coordinate efforts and information.

Donations can be made directly to [email protected] For the time being, please note that we can only accept donations and not payments made on deposit against the charity mini set - it's just too much admin for us at this stage.

Who are 'we'?

Ian 'Geronimo' Brumby of Fenris Games and Jon 'Dags' Atter cat-herder for the Frothers Charity projects

Our list of sculptors who've offered to donate their time and skills so far includes:

Tre Manor (RedBox Games)
Jason Wiebe (Reaper, etc)
Chaz Elliot (WotC, Citadel, etc)
Des Hanley (Otherworld)
Alex Bates (Forge of Ice)
Steven Marchant (Inso)
Stuart Powley (SLAP minis)
Mark Evans (Crooked Dice, Fenris, etc)
Warren Beattie (Hasslefree, etc)
David Drage (Iron Mammoth, Scheltrum, etc)
Matt Gubser (Dark Age, Rusted heroes, etc)
Sylvain (Golgo Island)
Kev White (Hasslefree)
Davide Tedeschi (Shieldwolf)
George Fairlamb (Black Cat bases, Fenris etc)
Bill Thornhill (Musketeer)
Gary Morley (GW, etc)
Mark Craggs (World of Twilight)
Phil Hynes (Monstertown USA)
Tim Prow (Wizkids, Heartbreaker, etc)
Paul Gargon (Mad Clown)
Andy Foster (Heresy)

Alex Hunter (Warploque)Our initial aim is to produce a set of 28mm goblins which will only be available as a set, and only for a limited time. All of the sculptors who've offered to help are donating their work for free at what is an especially busy time of year (especially for the UK trade), and Paul Reid of Ral Partha Europe has also generously offered his casting & distribution services to see the project through.

Additionally, we've had numerous offers of painted models, classic Kev sculpts, existing catalogue models from a number of firms, scenery, rulesets, and original greens/masters sculpted by Kev, all of which we're planning on auctioning off on a dedicated eBay page somewhere down the line. We've got a dedicated bank account and PayPal account which will be able to accept direct donations once we've ironed out a few things."

So if you feel like giving to the cause don't hesitate!

Ebay Auction Link

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