Some Tantalising Stretch Goals Appear at the Drake Kicstarter

April 3, 2013 by dracs

Drake, the miniature game based around the mightiest winged creatures of fantasy, has seen a lot of success on kickstarter and is currently working towards some interesting stretch goals.

Drake - High Priestess

Drake - Soo Lan the Water Nymph

These promise to be two particularly nice additions to the game, particularly the water nymph, who's base is dramatic and just plain beautiful.

The cards for Drake have also started to make an appearance, giving prospective players an idea of what to expect.

Drake - Pull

Drake - Bath of Light

Drake - Drive

Drake - Flare

These cards have excellent artwork and are laid out in a more accessible manner than many other card elements we might see.

How do you think Drake is shaping up? Will you support the kickstarter?

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