Titan Forge Show a Green for an Undead Green

August 2, 2012 by dracs

Titan Forge's IndieGoGo project to get funding for their undead Orcs and Goblins army is well under way and just to peak our interest a little more they have published an image of a new WIP. Burtz the Ghostcaller!

Titan Forge - Burtz the Ghostcaller

This sinister necrotic figure looks to be the perfect standard bearer for your army, dancing gleefully as your enemy falls and dies before you. The style of his clothing also succeeds in making him look necrotic while at the same time not losing any of his Orcy charm.

If I do have a complaint about this sculpt, it is that the top half seems much more busy and detailed than the lower half. But then this is just a WIP so hopefully that will be evened out.

Does anyone need an undead Orc? Does this fill a gap in your life hitherto unsuspected? Well head over to Titan Forge's IndieGoGo and pledge your support.

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