Titan Forge’s Bloodwulf Appears in it’s Rotted Flesh

December 2, 2012 by dracs

Titan Forge have published the green sculpt of the upcoming Bloodwulf sculpt for the undead orcs to ride out upon.

Titan Forge - Bloodwulf Green

This fearsome looking beast looks almost more akin to a bear than a wolf and will certainly make a fearsome mount for the undead force. Although rotting, with a small bit of resculpting it could also make a good addition to a wolf pack in Space Wolves force.

However, the sculpt does look very bulky, which while suitable for the undead orcs does not quite match the image of the sleek hunter you might expect a wolf to be. But then, this is more monster than creature.

What are your thoughts on the initial sculpt of the Bloodwulf?

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