Titan Forge’s Final Wave of Undead Greenies are Now Available

May 6, 2013 by dracs

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It has been a while since Titan Forge first set out in their grand combination of undead and greenskins, but now the final wave of Drakskull's Menace is now available.

Drakskul's Menace Final Wave

In this final wave you can find some of the fearsome monsters and mounts which Drakskull has raised for his mighty army; The Bloodwulf and Ghoastboar Riders, as well as the triple headed threat which is Garzel Gaz and Chompy.


As always these miniatures are full of character and make for the perfect alternative sculpts to use in your armies. With such a success in creating these undead orc I am definitely looking forward to whatever else Titan Forge may have in stock.

What would you use these minis to represent in your armies?

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