Troll Forged Miniatures Get Grubby

August 29, 2013 by dracs

Troll Forged Miniatures have published pictures of their latest WIPs, a group of juvenile grubs which will probably grow into true nightmares!

Trollcast Grubs

Trollcast Grubs 2

These grubs look disgusting. Their bodies are misshapen and disturbing, while those skull like heads and pincers make me think they could do some serious damage if you are not careful. Actually, they kind of remind of the Skulltulas from Zelda Ocarina of Time for some reason.

Trollcast Grubs 3

Trollcast Grubs 4

Trollcast Grubs 5

However these bugs finally turn out I think that they could find a welcome place in many a dungeon delving expedition, either as an easy initial encounter, or as the really annoying lesser enemies a boss tends to summon just to annoy you in the final battle.

Anyone think they will be grubbing after these?

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