A Wandering Monk Wanders into Imbrian Arts

December 2, 2013 by dracs

It seems that we have a romantic ideal about characters who we might think of as "homeless". From the Japanese Ronin to the concept of the Eternal Jew, these wandering characters deftly capture our imagination and the same is true for Imbrian's new Wondering Monk.

Wandering Monk

The Wandering Monk is obviously inspired, at least in part, by Asiatic mythology in his design. His feet are like those of a monkey and I would almost be inclined to say there is something of the Monkey King about him, while his facial features are similar to the goblins and other such creatures from the Jim Henson fantasy movies of the 80's, such as Labyrinth and Dark Crystal.

The Wandering Monk hasn't wandered out alone though as Imbrian Arts also have a couple of new ghouls to haunt your graveyards.


These ghouls are twisted and disturbing parodies of men. The one on the far left could almost be a Nosferatu style vampire in its own right. Litter a couple of Imbrian Arts' cannibal creatures in with a mass of other ghoul miniatures and you'll be able to create a nice level of diversity in your collection of shambling horrors.

Will you join the monk in his wandering, or shall you taste flesh with the ghouls this night?

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