Warhammer Forge Releases the Heroes of the Dwarfen Throng

March 1, 2013 by dracs

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The Dwarfs of Warhammer Fantasy have some of the greatest characters and leaders in the wargame (just ask BoW Ben) and now Warhammer Forge are releasing a new Dwarf Command set to help set apart your armies stout, stubborn leaders.

Dwarf Command

This set contains three mighty bearded heroes; a Thane bearing the army standard, a doomed Dragon Slayer and the mighty Dwarf Lord himself.

These minis all have that brilliant degree of detail which we have come to expect from Forge World minis. My personal favourite is of course the Dragon Slayer.

Dwarf Dragon Slayer

This sculpt has so much more detail than the standard GW model, with the stubble from where he shaved his hair off clearly depicted and a bracer made from the scales of some slain monster, one would assume a dragon.

Will these three heroes be marching at the front of your throng?

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