The Weekender, DreadBall, Malifaux & Other Gaming Goodness

January 12, 2013 by Justin

Good Morning (Well its actually afternoon now but that's uploading delays for you!)

Welcome again to the weekender, this week we have a guest in with us James who worked on the rules for DreadBall with the mighty Jake Thornton, so whats been Happening this week that you might have missed, well for one Games Workshop have brought out the second new codex for Warhammer 40K and you can now get your little mits on them, we also have seen theΒ releaseΒ of some new goblins from Warhammer Forge and lets not forget the latest and greatest of the new mini's that you can add to your collection. so guys whats caught your eye this week?

The Weekender - DreadBall - Malifaux & All Other Gaming Goodness

Heres the links to all the stories and minis we chat about in this weeks episode:

Tabletop Nation Hub is Live!!!


Cheese Hunters: Swampy and The Techmarine of Doom

YouTube Vid Promises You Golden Demon Success

On the Table s5 ep4: Gates of Antares, D&D & Bushido!

On the Table Hangout


Releace Watch:

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Bolt Action Starter Army - Russian

Panzer IV auf H mit Schurzen

Flames of War - Operation Market Garden


Dreadball counter set

Codex: Dark Angels - English

Ravenwing Dark Talon

Land Speeder Vengeance

Deathwing Command Squad

Ravenwing Command Squad

Dark Angels Battleforce

Belial - Finecast

Asmodai - Finecast

Samael (Corvex) - Finecast

Great Eagles

Fell Wargs

Gwahir - Finecast

Riddles in the Dark - Finecast

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