White Knight Miniatures Dress Goblins in Finery

August 9, 2012 by brennon

It's not only humans who can garb themselves in finery and enjoy the noble life. Check out these Goblins from White Knight Miniatures who are certainly enjoying some expensive armour and clothing.

Gobbo Cortez

First up is Gobbo Cortez, wielding akimbo pistols as he fights off some other goblin no doubt trying to pilfer his stolen gold. I like the theme of mixing in this Medieval Spanish armour with the fantasy to give things a little twist.

Gobboprince de Lu

Next up is the Gobboprince de Lu. Whilt this guy is still in component form you can tell he's going to be a dashing fellow when he's finished. The slashed fabric is a nice touch and if you were feeling adventurous could he potentially be a Goblin warlord who has stolen a chest from an Empire wagon train?

Gobbo Floozie

And last but not least (well maybe it is...) is this Gobbo Floozie. As pointed out by the sculptor on his blog this could either be a goblin female or maybe just a male goblin in drag! I think the second is more likely!

Do these neat little models appeal to you?

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