White Knight’s Miniatures Turn their Hand to Goblin Spellcasting

August 24, 2012 by brennon

White Knight's Miniatures have turned their hand to the Spellcasters of their Goblin world. Check out the miniatures below in a few different variations...

Goblin Clerics

First up are the Clerics of Gob bringing the righteous fury of the greenskins down on their enemies. Some quite fun miniatures that could be mixed into an alternative army.

Goblin Wizards

Next up are some Goblin Wizards with an array of different heads and weapon options. You would hope these aren't as volatile as most greenskin spellcasters!

Halfling Wizards

There is also an alternative set of heads for the Wizard collection which turns them from greenskins to halflings. Could make some good role-playing heroes.

What's your impression of the newest White Knight's offerings?

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