Wrath Of Kings Takes To Kickstarter At Over $100,000 Already!

August 15, 2013 by brennon

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So Wrath of Kings launched on Kickstarter last night and surprise, surprise, the CoolMiniOrNot fundraiser has already burst through it's target of £50,000. It helps that the miniatures look so tasty!

House of Goritsi

House of Hadross

House of Nasier

House of Shael Han

House of Teknes

Their plan was, and certainly now is, to bring you a years full of releases in one go featuring these rather awesome looking Starter Box Sets as a launching point for your skirmish and then pitched battles in their fantasy world.

They have already added new miniatures to the sets and smashed through variant sculpts in the boxes. It won't be long before they hit the next one!

Which House are you pledging too?

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