Zenit Miniatures Release April’s Nemesis

April 16, 2012 by dracs

Zenit have announced the new releases for Nemesis available this April, with good news for any players of the Kingdom of God or Rocavivas factions.

First up the heavily armoured Royal Guard Leader steps up to protect the Kingdom of God.

Zenit - Royal Guard

But it looks like this guy will have a lot to contend with, with Zenit sending out these new ladies to join the Rocavivas.

Zenit - Aie-mekkela

Zenit - Aroumi

Zenit - Silimanitas

Half-dressed women with big meat cleavers... do I have to say any more? That's either a dream come true or a worst nightmare!

All in all not a bad lot of additions to the game. I particularly like the look of the heavy armoured might of the Royal Guard Leader. The stance may not be dynamic, but you do get the sense that nothing will move this guy from what he is defending.

Who among thinks they might pick these up? Have any of you given Nemesis a try?

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