2 Brutes Are Out On Kickstarter For Minion Miniature’s Underdeep

October 29, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Monsters of Underdeep

Minion Miniatures is hard at work to bring the world of Morn to life for their upcoming Underdeep game and they have 2 huge mini's out on Kickstarter right now. Minion Miniatures- The Monsters of Underdeep by Richard O'Connor has 2 really cool, resin mini's for 28mm scale games that would look awesome on your table!

monsters Bugbear Ironshield

The Bugbear Ironshield -A metal-clad behemoth used to protect the tunnels of the Underdeep from intruders.  They are most often found in the service of Hobgoblins who arm and equip these creatures, but their services are also used by Goblins who pay well for their singular talents.  Things run smoothly when employing Bugbears, until the food runs out... then the problems start!

monsters flesh golem

Then there's the Flesh Golem -The Flesh Golem is just a term used by the few that have seen such a creature and lived.

One thing is for sure, they both look like trouble!

Will these brutes be battling out on your table?

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