The Ability to Build Your Castle Out and Up with UpWorks!

September 29, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

upworks kickstarter

Soon, you can build your own castle! It's almost too good to be true! On September 30th, Jeff Martin, of True Dungeon fame (Gen Con), and co-designer of UpWorks, is launching a Kickstarter that will provide the opportunity to build a castle from the ground up!


This system will have a variety of pieces to give you total customization for your build. Do you want to detail the inside hallways for your RPG, starting in the dungeon? Would you like to take your game up through different levels of the castle- you can do both!!! This system will allow you to construct every level separately so you can lift off different sections as you explore the terrain. Even better, however you choose to paint this so it will be the perfect scene for all kinds of fans- gamers can paint it dark and ruined for RPG's and miniature games or families could lighten the scheme and make it girly for princesses. Even non-gamers could love this purely for the build! I could see this being Legos for gamers! (not that gamers may not like Legos any way- I still do)



You have to go to UpWorks website and check out the preview video. If what I said above didn't sell you on it, the video will for sure.


Will you be leveling up your castles with this Kickstarter?

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