Anakron Engineer Something New for Kaha Miniatures

June 24, 2014 by dracs

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Anakron Miniatures Studio are currently working on a new sculpt for the guys over at Kaha, a bearded engineer with a massive tool.


This Engineer will apparently be joining Kaha's Time Voyager Team soon, bringing a bit of technical know-how to the tabletop, as well as being a formidable opponent in close combat if those muscles are anything to go by.

The model itself is a very characterful one, with the worn apron and large build marking this guy out as a handy man to have on your side. The mini is still in the WIP stage, so we should hopefully see some more refining of the detail, especially of his head and wrench, with the end result promising to be a pretty nice sculpt.

Will this Engineer fix some of your problems?

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