Godtear Art Shows Off Stunning Elf & Undead Designs

January 2, 2018 by brennon

The folks at Steamforged Games continue to show off some impressive artwork and renders for the world of Godtear which is coming to Kickstarter soon in 2018.

Godtear Blackjaw Art

Leading the way we have this render for Blackjaw, one of the Orcs from the game. He is presented here with his flaming weapon and carries the name of Exile into the world of Godtear.

They've mentioned that Blackjaw and his kind are very bloodthirsty and maybe this will have a bearing on how their story plays out on the tabletop.

Elves & Undead

In addition to a look at Blackjaw, we also got to see some more concept art, this time for the Elves of their world...

Godtear Elf Art

...and also the Undead, who I think look rather cool indeed. I could get behind them as shambling animations ready to plunge their cold swords into the hearts of their enemies.

Godtear Undead Art

I hope that this design carries over into the eventual finished look of the models as those ice swords are going to be pretty epic. I'll be interested to see how they do the floating head as well.

What do you think of this newer collection of previews for Godtear?

"I'll be interested to see how they do the floating head as well..."

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