Ax Faction’s Next Hunter Goes After Lizardmen

October 10, 2014 by dracs

Another beautiful female hunter is being sculpted by Ax Faction. This time the lovely lady is named Lacerta, and she is going hunting for some lizardmen.

Lacerta - Lizardman Hunter

This latest concept seems a bit more cartoony than the previous ones, and I must say that apart from her boots there is little that marks her as a lizardman hunter. However, it is a beautiful character design, and I could easily imagine her being used as an adventurer.

The fact that she is a lizardman hunter, I think, opens the way for more colourful paint schemes for the model. Previously, the Ax Faction hunters have been, if not grim, than at least rather gritty. Lizard skin opens the way for some exciting patterns, which should make the final model stand out even more.

Do you like this latest huntress from Ax Faction?

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