Become A Big Badass Ogre Warlord With Atlantis Miniatures

December 17, 2019 by brennon

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Last time we looked at the models coming out of Atlantis Miniatures we took a peek at some of their newer Goblins. Well, now we're taking a look at their big beefy Ogres which are stepping up to the plate.

Ogre Warboss - Atlantis Miniatures

As is traditional when it comes to seeing the Atlantis Miniatures when they're finished, we're rather blown away. These guys manage to get loads of detail out of their sculpts and present us with miniatures which would be fantastic to use across the board in all manner of wargames. They certainly have a good range, like with this Ogre Warboss here, which could be used as a system-agnostic army for whenever a dip into Fantasy takes you.

As well as lots more fantastic troops and characters they've added into the mix which you can see HERE we also have some more mighty leaders standing at the fore of things. Here we have the Ogre King and they also...

Ogre King - Atlantis Miniatures

...have a rather mighty looking Ogre Queen who is leaping into battle to crush all those before her!

Ogre Queen - Atlantis Miniatures

Maybe you could even run both of these characters together as the two heads of your army. The Ogre Queen gets stuck in on the front line whilst the King watched from afar and orders the troops. You've then got two rather splendid figureheads to rally around and they are rather massive!

As mentioned above, if you're looking to build up a force for games like Warlords Of Erehwon or Kings Of War, these might be a good shout.

What do you make of the Atlantis Miniatures range?

"You've then got two rather splendid figureheads to rally around and they are rather massive!"

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