BattleMats Turn The Page On Their Next Battle Mat Book Set

April 26, 2019 by dracs

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BattleMats are returning with another of their acclaimed Battle Mat Books, heading to Kickstarter to create a modular, two-book set called The Dungeon.

The Battle Mat Books provide you with a variety of eye-catching, easy-to-transport maps for use with miniature RPGS.

This new set differs from BattleMat's previous books in that it is actually two books, which can be placed together in a variety of combinations to both expand your gaming space and create all-new maps to adventure across.

We have raved about the Battle Mat Books in the past, and this modular approach is the perfect way to create expansive, attractive gaming tables, and quickly change the scene when needed.

While joining the books have always allowed you to join them together in this manner, The Dungeon set has been designed from the start as a two-book set of maps, blending together seamlessly, while also being compatible with their other books.

You can find out more about the set on the Kickstarter.

What would be your favourite map to play across? 

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