Bringing Back The Epic Wargames Of The 80’s And 90’s

October 22, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Bestial Wars, a new 12mm miniatures wargame has set out on a Kickstarter campaign to see if it can raise the funds to bring the game to fruition.


According to the game's designer Marco Sano, this game molds itself like years' past "epic" games that can have  big battles but with the flow of skirmish games. In this game you play either the woodsy "Defenders" (elves, tree men and animals) or the "Tentaculars" (all kinds of creepy, slimy nastiness) and you battle for supremacy of the land.

Defenders Starter Set

To me the miniatures do have that look of miniatures made back in those decades. It will be interesting so see where this project goes. They also looking to expand to other races to include humans, dwarves and such.

Tentaculars Starter Set

It is being made and shipped out of Italy to the rest of the world so it will be interesting to see if backers will have concerns about shipping costs like some other projects. I will have to wait to see what you will get in the final package, but obviously if you increase your pledge the shipping costs seem more reasonable.

Do you think this would make an epic impact on your game table?

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