Check Out Godtear Concept Art From Steamforged’s Upcoming Game

November 20, 2017 by brennon

If you haven't checked out Az's chat with Mat Hart from Steamforged Games yet (see above) about Godtear then make sure to give it a watch. This new Legacy Miniatures Game sounds like it's going to be fantastic and the art and sculpts are already looking top notch.

Godtear Main

The game features some fantastic artwork that shows off some of the characters that are going to be available through Kickstarter next year.

Godtear Art #1

It's certainly an interesting prospect to see all of these different characters coming to life, especially these stoic Dwarves here...of course, I showed these guys off.

Godtear Art #2

While I do like these bearded folks these fellows also look fantastic and they feature a look at the artwork for Rangosh too who is one of the Godtear Champions.

Godtear Art #3

They even showed off the Champion in his render form too and I think you'll agree that the model is looking superb.


One of the fascinating parts of the game is that it is essentially faction free. Whilst you're going to be seeing all manner of interesting races that you'd expect, they can all work together. Elves and Orcs can join forces, maybe throw in some Dwarves and Lizardfolk for good measure.

Limited Release Models

Here's a look at some of the models that will be available as a Limited Release and Early Access to the game in 2018.

Godtear Limited Release

Everything is looking exceptionally enticing in terms of the models and no doubt we're going to learn lots more about this game over the next few months. Keep an eye on their Facebook Page for more.

Will you be following this closely?

"...the art and sculpts are already looking top notch"

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