CLASH’s Fighting Hedgehog Preview New Game – DragonStrike!

September 12, 2023 by brennon

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I like dragons. I also really like the work of Fighting Hedgehog on their games like the CLASH series. So, when I saw that they were designing a new dragon-based miniatures game, I was all ears! DragonStrike is going to be coming to Kickstarter soon.

Dragonstrike - Fighting Hedgehog

DragonStrike // Fighting Hedgehog

DragonStrike is going to be a two-to-four player game that can be played in around sixty minutes. It takes place on a 3x4 foot hex-based gaming mat and is based on the lore of Dungeons & Dragons.

Dragonstrike Gameplay - Fighting Hedgehog

DragonStrike Gameplay // Fighting Hedgehog

Much like other flying combat games, players will secretly choose their upcoming manoeuvres and outsmart their opponents as they breath fire, poison, lighting and frost on them. Each dragon plays differently and all of the breath weapons have their own benefits for you to consider.

Dragonstrike Statistics Card - Fighting Hedgehog

DragonStrike Statistics Card // Fighting Hedgehog

You are going to be able to play individual games where you see who comes out on top or dive into a campaign of sorts where you develop your Dragon-Wing whilst gaining traits and rider skills. All of this happens as you're looking to either free or cage the Dragon Queen herself, Tiamat!

Another fascinating twist in the (dragon) tail here is that it looks like the game is going to come with pre-painted dragons.

Dragonstrike Dragon - Fighting Hedgehog

DragonStrike Dragon // Fighting Hedgehog

It will be interesting to see if the pre-painted Dragons that people get in their sets are close to the demo dragon that was painted up above for Fighting Hedgehog to show off during at conventions. We do know that there will be four dragons to choose from to begin with it seems painted in different colours to denote their element of choice.

The Kickstarter for DragonStrike is coming soon and is looking to deliver to backers in Summer 2024.

"...dive into a campaign of sorts where you develop your Dragon-Wing whilst gaining traits and rider skills"

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