Peek At Conquest’s Spire & Hundred Kingdoms January Releases

December 20, 2019 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames has got their sights set on some fun new releases for January to support both the Spires and Hundred Kingdoms. First up, we're looking at the Hundred Kingdoms and their Militia forces led by their Seasoned Veteran.

Seasoned Veteran - Conquest

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This grizzled leader is a great new addition to the range that shows off the grim and determined warriors who are battling as part of the Hundred Kingdoms. Not all of their warriors are knights in shining armour with mighty weapons. Some of them are the well-versed veterans who have been battling alongside the rank and file for a long time. They probably know more of the realities of war than many generals do and are a key focal point for your warriors to rally around.

Talking of that, we also have the Militia sets which give you a few different options to help bolster the line. The options available include Militia Bowmen...

Militia Bowmen - Conquest

...and also the Militia Pikemen who are going to be watching out for the arrayed ranks of charging foes looking to flatten them. As you can see, with a little bit of a swap you can make this unit either hold the front line or drop arrows down on your foes from afar.

Militia Pikemen - Conquest

If you can rally the forces of the Hundred Kingdoms from their fields and towns you'll have a chance to stand against the might of the Spires, Nords and Dweghom who are raging across the land.

Spires Sneakers

As well as the options for the Hundred Kingdoms above you've also got some sneaky elements seeking to undermine your force. Leading the way is the very creepy and fantastic Assault Preceptor.

Assault Preceptor - Conquest

As you might imagine, with all sorts of weapons at their command and multiple arms, they have many different ways to strike down their foes and indeed read the tactics of the enemy. We also have some sneaky elements for you to consider including the Vanguard Clone Infiltrators who will be trying to sneak through the lands and harrying the advance of your force.

Vanguard Clone Infiltrators - Conquest

Finally, we also have the Vanguard Clones who are bringing a little bit of swashbuckling into the mix here too. They are armed with all sorts of deadly bone-like blades and shields which make them dangerous frontline fighters.

Vanguard Clones - Conquest

Are you going to be picking up some of these new options for the Spires and Hundred Kingdoms which are dropping in January of 2020?

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"Are you going to be picking up some of these new options for the Spires and Hundred Kingdoms which are dropping in January of 2020?"

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